Monday, August 31, 2009

Beetle update

My very brave and very sweet husband has been hand-picking the beetles off the sunflowers and dropping them into a little pail with a bit of gasoline in the bottom. I read this is the best, pesticide free way of getting rid of the varmints.

He picks a few off, the rest fly around buzzing like crazy, I start screaming and waving my arms, he sighs.

And then we do it all over again.

We've been taking the huge sunflowers down to get ready to rototill (OK, OK, he's been taking them down) and I am surprised at how much sticky sap is coming out of the splits in the stems (although they really are more like small tree trunks in size)

STarted collecting coffee grounds to spread in the garden and need to go and get a few bags of manure as well.

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