Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey, it's almost fall...

Do you know how I can tell? Crisp nights? .... ummmm, no. The scent of autumn in the air? ... ummm.... no. Temperatures below 100? Ummmm.... no....

I can tell because it's time to rip out my garden, haul all kinds of collected coffee grounds (Thank you Starbucks) into it, spread some manure, spread some compost, rototill the heck out of the dirt and get ready to plant spring crops.

Yes, you heard me right.

We live in a weird gardening zone. We really have two full-on gardening seasons.

So I'm heading out there now to start cutting down sunflowers, trimming back tomatoes (I cut the vines back to about 1 foot long and can generally get a September crop of them) and looking at seed catalogs.

I'll let you know later what I'm planting.

It's already pushing 100 so I need to get out there and bask in the coming autumn.


1 comment:

  1. Planting SPRING crops? I'm confused. To overwinter and come up next spring, or because your fall is really another "spring"???