Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

I went out to the garden this morning to plant a bit more corn. It is supposed to rain later today.

These are straight out of the garden pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

These are my baby melons growing inside their wall-of-waters. Morgan helped me plant them and they are a bit thick. I'm going to try transplanting some of the seedlings into the big garden once it gets a bit warmer. Just my two raised beds on the side of my house. It smells amazing in here. There are oranges blooming along the wall and the alyssum and pansies smell fantastic. It is the most magical scent.

This is heading into the main garden. Hollyhocks have kind of taken over right in front of the gate but since they are setting buds I don't want to move them or pull them out. It is kind of difficult getting in there anymore...but I'm excited to see what color these bloom. Our new grapes that we bought from Tasteful Garden are starting to bud out. I am going to train them over the top of the side arbor. I had been planting gourds there but I think grapes will be a lot more fun! Shallots. They are huge. I don't know if I did them right because they aren't really setting onion-like bulbs but they are certainly delicious. Tomatoes.
Purple statice.
I have no idea what these tall plants are. They are looking like they are going to bloom so hopefully I can identify them then. Sweet peas. Fragrant and gorgeous! One of my favorites.
The roses are going crazy. It smells amazing in the rose garden because these are all fragrant varieties.

This is one rose! I found it toward the back of the bush and it is a bit past prime but I still wanted to show you how big it is. Wow!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you enjoyed this fragrant garden tour!

Oh, and quick!

You have a spider on your shoulder!!!!!

Oh yea.

April Fools Day.

Happy growing,