Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coffee grounds, asparagus and icky bugs

It's so cool. A new coffee drivethrough opened up by our house AND no-one has been asking for their coffee grounds yet! Woo hoo! I am going tomorrow at shift change to pick up another big batch.

I usually get them at Starbucks but it's a chore cuz so many other people go there, too. You gotta be first in to grab 'em. But I should be able to fulfill my entire gardens coffee grounds needs in just a few days!

AND the beautiful, lovely, wonderful Cindy at Tasteful Garden e-mailed me today to tell me that, yes, she had some more asparagus to sell and I got my order in. Asparagus plants in less extreme climates can produce up to 20 years...here I seem to get four to five out of a set of crowns.

And all the icky bugs are gone. Presto! No pesticides! Just a nicely patient husband willing to grab the disgusting things!

So now I can get in the garden and finish ripping everything out getting ready for a nice little session with the rototiller.

I can only 'till up about half the garden since I have many, many gourds growing and I'm going to leave them alone to see how big they get!

Happy gardening!

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  1. i have been meaning to leave you a comment...i think i live really close to you because i live close to the new dutch bros...i'm off old gilbert rd. do you have any tips for a newbie gardener for starting seeds? i have a nice plot set up for a small veggie garden and a tendency to kill plants unintentionally. since it's still a bit warmer than usual should i delay my planting schedule?