Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ewww, ewwww, ewwwwww!

Acccckkk! There are japanese beatles on steroids in my garden. These things are bigger then 1/2 my thumb. Ewwwwwwwwww! Gotta research how to get rid of them. Ewwwww. I feel them crawling in my hair! ick, ick, ick!

Yup, just call me the great outdoors-woman!



  1. Jenny,

    I had the same thing happening to me, went to Home Depot and bought the Bag a Bug to get rid of the Japanese Beetles. Read the directions, make sure you put it away from where your garden is...sounds stupid but it really works. Augie hung that bag and it is now full of dead beetles and not one ever went back to my flowers !!!! I love simple solutions don't you??? Hope you get rid of those pesky things !

  2. Those look more like "Fig" beetles. Are they larger than a nickel?

  3. Do we have Japanese beetles in AZ?

  4. OK, I found out what they are. They are fig beetles but some folks call them Japanese Beetles and even June bugs. Ewww.. They are still giving me the willies.