Monday, July 6, 2009

I hang my head in shame...

...since it has been a month since I've been here last. A month. I could make up some big lie explaining my laziness but all I can say is ... well.... ummm.... a gigantic spaceship came and took me off to the planet Gardenarium where I learned many, many secrets for growing amazing gardens and which I will share with you next planting season, I promise.

In the meantime here's what happened in my garden while I was off on the spaceship.

So, as you can see things have been growing like crazy while I was on my inter-galactic journey.

And now it's time to plant pumpkins but I'm not sure if I can find my machete or not to clear a spot.

And now, to paraphrase the way they say goodbye on the planet Gardenarium...

Grow in peace little seed...


  1. Hi Jenny! Wow, your garden is amazing! Just beautiful. What's growing up the trellis?

  2. Shannon, those are some long gourds that a gardening friend of mine sent me from Taiwan. He's an interesting guy. I met him the year I tried (and sort of succeeded) in growing a giant pumpkin.

  3. Wow, I can't believe you can grow all that in such an arid climate! It looks like an English cottage garden!