Sunday, June 7, 2009

Midgets and birds

OK, I am sooo officially not a "little person" but these sunflowers make me look extremely short! I am actually 5'7"!

And...look at one of the colorful visitors from our garden. These are so fast. There is a little family of them but I wanted to show you at least one picture.


  1. How Fun! I Love the birds in your garden, really there should be birds to eat the insects, and good bugs, bad bugs, lots of activity makes for a healthy ecosystem in the garden. The sunflowers are ridiculous!

  2. Dear Jenny,
    I am totally amazed at your gorgeous garden. My oldest son lives in Paradise Valley in Phoenix and his gardens are plants indigenous to the area - in other words desert plants. It looks very nice but again it's desert plants.
    Carol Asplund

  3. If I promise to just stay in the garden and not bother anyone,could I come and bring my sleeping bag and camp out for a week or so I would just get lost in it all!!!!! It is absolutly beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Donna