Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harvesting in 110 degrees

OK, it is hot here. Stinkin' hot. Really hot. Not like hot as in unpleasantly warm. Hot as is in underwear melting hot. Oops! Was that too much information? Well in any case I think you get the idea. This morning when I roused myself out of the A/C and into the garden around 8 am it was already well over a hundred and humid. We will be around 114/115 today. We are in the middle of the monsoon season which would be OK if it ever actually rained but since it refuses to be anything other then humid it's just well.... ummmm..... hot. OK, I'm probably repeating myself but here's what I picked this morning. It was difficult for me not to cut roses but around this time of year I don't pick roses at all and just let them go as dormant as they can. We maintain lots of water on them but I don't even fertilize now for several months because I don't want the plants to grow. Just want them to survive.

I did pick some green beans, too, but I left the basket on the ground for about 2.8 seconds which means my weiner dog ate them. Sigh.

And this melon? Wow! I picked three today and it was hard not to cut and eat the other two right afterwards. It was juicy and sweet and delicious!


  1. Oh my goodness what a beautiful cornucopia!!!! And boy, does that melon have my mouth watering! Mine aren't ready yet, but I'm just waiting for the day....

    Boy, after hearing how hot it is there I feel like a real whiner with my measly 90ish degrees.....

  2. That is one awesome melon. And those Zinnias, how beautifully colorful. I remember flying out to Vegas for the first time, to visit the Grand Canyon, and stepping off the plane into this sweltering 120 degree heat. I thought I knew heat in Ohio, but, this ... this ... I thought I actually felt my hair singe a little bit.