Monday, May 4, 2009

Compost update

This has cooked down from a jammed crammed bin in one week. I haven't been able to roll it very well because I need to go buy four bolts and drill holes through the lid and the lip of the bin. The bungee cord didn't work on the handles at all. There is no smell so far.

But there is this black-ish run off on the cement block under the bin. Ewwww....

So I thought I'd show you something prettier after that icky photo of black goop. And these are some of the berries on my brand new brazos blackberries. Yum.

Speaking of yum. My dog must like these Carmello tomatoes (one of my favorites from Tasteful Garden last year) There were four beautiful tomatoes on here yesterday. Sigh. I must have left the garden gates open.

And can you see my first teeny, weeny Zephyr (also from TG's)squash on here? There was a little one a few days ago but ummm, I ate it. Sorry. Although I did NOT eat the green tomatoes no matter what the dog tells you.

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