Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, Good morning!

It's a lovely day here in Arizona. We had a bit of rain over the weekend which we always, always need. I want to show you the gardens I have and then catch-up on my tomato prep and planting information....so, let's go for a little walk. Grab your coffee and some crocs.
This is my crazy vegetable/flower garden. It is about 28 feet by 25 feet and contained in a 20" raised pony wall. This garden was built on a large retention area that had nothing but cement-packed dirt, scrub and lots and lots of weeds and ants. Before we began building the walls I had a guy with a tractor break up the caliche deposits (something that is the curse of all gardeners I know here in AZ) The soil was amended with lots of masonry sand, compost, top soil and native soil.

As you can see it is a wonderful area for growing. In fact, all the random sunflowers and even that huge hollyhock were volunteers again this year. I have giving up trying to make straight rows in my garden because I never have the heart to pull out all the valiant little seedlings that survived our scorching summer to bloom again.

This little sweetie is my youngest "garden helper", 2 1/2 year old Granddaughter, Morgan. She mostly just tramps on things since there are no peas to harvest at this time. She wanders around in there trying to find the peas no matter how many times I tell her they are done for the year.

This is my first year for trying dahlias and this is one of the first blooms. It isn't as big as the dinner plates but is still approximately 6 inches across.

I'll share some more photos later. Didn't want to overwhelm you too much right when we first meet - ha!

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