Friday, April 17, 2009

Another flood of information

Did you get that? Flood of information? About flood irrigation? OK, maybe it wasn't that clever.

I went and took some pictures of some other kind of interesting irrigation stuff for your perusal.This is one of the sign up access sheets for irrigation water. It isn't ours. Ours is in a long alley and I made my friend drive me to take a picture and it was too dusty for her black car. But ours looks just like this.
This is what's inside the little box.
And here are the irrigation rules. Do you know if you click on the picture it will show you a full-size version (don't do that with the earlier picture of my back view, though, or you might burn out your retinas) and it's interesting to read the rules. I never actually did it before now (but don't tell SRP on me, please)
And lastly here are a few pictures of the actual main irrigation canals. These are about 1/2 a mile from our house.

I think it's time to close the gates of information for the moment and let you absorb all this (just in case you missed it, another clever water statement - ha) but come back and check soon because next time I am going to tell you about soaker hoses. Try to be patient. I know you are excited about this subject, too.

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