Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some garden pictures from March 2

Happy March!

I have a lot of plants ordered from Tasteful Garden and I got notice they shipped yesterday...woo hoo! Exciting.

And this morning I just took some random shots of the garden so you can see what's happening here in the Southwest!

These first photos are just in my larger flower, vegetable garden. We've had a lot of rain lately so things are super green and lush right now.

You can see the roses coming back! They are really growing well right now. I had planned to put in a row of iris down the left side of this garden but I didn't. I think it might be a little late now but I need to check into it. Back in my little herb area...I've planted the front bed with dahlias but while I'm waiting for them to grow I put in pansies and allysum. This is just a bigger view of the little asparagus patch and the vegetable/flower garden. The rose bed is at the right on the corner of the shade-sail area. And these are the raised beds around the pool that have been viciously cut back. It will make no difference though because it in about a month this will be lush and green and splendid with shades or orange, yellow and red. And you can see the metal tree sculpture and windows clearly with everying cut back. A lovely son came over the weekend to fix the lighting in that area and put pink gel films over the lights so the window areas are cast in pink light at night. It is quite pretty. ...and that's the garden tour for the day.

Thanks for walking around with me.

Sorry you got your shoes all muddy!


  1. Your garden is beautiful.....I am so jealous.....not really, just wish I had one..!!! I love fresh vegetables!!!

  2. Oh, I don't mind if my boots get all muddy. LOL.

    Seriously those are photos of "now"? Hard for us northern gardeners to believe.


  3. Oh, I love that tree sculpture and I've already said how much I love that Wall. I can just see it with the pink glow. How lovely, Lezlee

  4. You have such a beautiful garden!

  5. It looks beautiful! And I am so impressed that you garden in AZ. We used to live there.. and I don't think I could have done it there, though I don't know if I could do it anywhere. :)

  6. I'll have muddy boots anytime I can stroll through a lush garden such as this!

  7. Wow..that's a huge garden and beautiful! There will be plenty of foods to harvest. Thanks for visiting..

  8. What a lucky girl you are! Living in a condo with a very small patio does not afford one with much to work with. I love to garden and I do get a lot of enjoyment out of the pots and containers I am using. I live in southern B.C., Canada and our weather is better than most here, but you must get your lion's share of sunshine. I think as I get older I apprediate the sun more and more!

  9. Wow. What an awesome garden. I'm thinking about doing a pot of herbs and a couple of pots of tomato plants, and I thought that was pretty ambitious. lol